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Tarox Brake Conversion Kit Front with 10 Pot Calipers and 350x30mm Discs Ferrari 348/355

Mar 24, 2024

Your benefits:

• Reduced stopping distance
• Higher temperature tolerance
• High carbon cast iron metallurgy on discs insures peak performance, noise reduction and improved comfort
• More evenly distributed pressure on the pads
• Better cooling action of the pads, because of more airflow behind the pad's metal support
• Less stress factor on the caliper itself
• More clamping action resulting in more braking power due to the presence of more pistons
• Excellent resistance to fade
• Automatic brake pad de-glazing

Fitting a Tarox upgrade kit will give you amazing braking performance and total confidence. By matching ten piston calipers to the discs, problems such as disc failure, deformation and vibration are eliminated. The diameters of the pistons in the calipers are specific to each application to take into account your car's master cylinder.

All this included in the kit:

• 2 Tarox 10 pistons B34GT-10 light weight calipers made from solid alloy billet
• 2 Tarox 350mm brake discs with alloy bells
• 2 Tarox adaptor clamps
• 1 set of Tarox brake pads
• 1 set of Tarox brake hoses