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Capristo Stainless Steel Sports Exhaust Ferrari F599
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Capristo Stainless Steel Sports Exhaust Ferrari F599

• Improved power and torque
• Excellent sound and look of your car
• High quality stainless steel.

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Capristo Stainless Steel Sports Exhaust Ferrari F599

The Capristo Sports Exhaust for the Ferrari 599 (GTB Fiorano / GTO) truly is the best system available and comprises two dual-chambered valve operated rear silencers and two enlarged diameter secondary cat replacement pipes; with a remote control system also available.

The system includes two mufflers and two cat delete pipes and it creates a magnificent sound with much more drama, without making the 599 over the top. There are no gaps in sound and the tonal quality is pleasant throughout the entire rev range. At high revs the Capristo delivers an awesome roaring bellow which allows you to hear each downshift along crackles on overrun.

The valves in the system can either be operated from the standard ECU or via an optional remote control system. With the remote the driver has total control over sound delivery so the system can be either silent or extreme, whenever you want it to be, all from the touch of a button.

Made in ultra-high grade T309 stainless steel, the 599 Capristo system is also substantially lighter than the stock exhaust and its double-skinned construction and flow capabilities mean less heat is retained within the exhaust. A power gain in the region of 37bhp is achieved via the reduction in backpressure, allowing the engine to breathe with hugely improved efficiency, especially at high rpm.

Options available:
- Muffler (incl. two cat spare pipes)
- Optional remote controller for open/close valves

Please contact us for price if you need these add on options.


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