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Camshaft Tuning

How to read data about camshafts?

Max lifts are shown with no clearance, i.e. they can be read directly on the camshaft, therefore without deduction of valve lash. With regard to engines with hydraulic tappet, the lift shown is the actual cam working lift. The relevant lifts also include clearances. For example,valve timing 36°-76°/76°-36° means "Inlet timing opens 36 degrees before T.D.C.and closes 76 degrees after B.D.C." and "Exhaust timing opens 76 degrees before B.D.C. and closes 36 degrees after T.D.C.".

What is the difference between Road and Racing Profiles?

Road profiles offer a good compromise amongst the daily requirements from an automotive engine: smooth stable idle, good torque at low rpm, low exhaust emissions and substantial max power increase. Racing profiles offer a considerable power increase at high rpm and guarantee performances typical of a competition vehicle. 

The following are some of the parameters modified to improve the performance of an internal-combustion engine through new profile camshafts:increased valve lift, increased inlet/exhaust valve overlap and cylinder filling duration. An appropriate profile design having a good mixture of these parameters improves the engine performance with regard to its use.

Which profiles are suitable for Road use?

In order to get an improvement in the performance of an engine intended also for standard road use (i.e. with stable engine idle and low exhaust emissions) it is important to pick camshafts with a small valve timing and a rather limited T.D.C. lift. Colombo & Bariani road profiles give good general performance, together with a good torque delivery already in the lower rpm range. Racing profiles have higher lifts and wider overlap angles and shall be used only in competition engines.

Is it necessary to re-program the electronics or replace the valve springs or valves after fitting camshafts?

To fit a Colombo & Bariani camshaft it is not obligatory to modify the electronics parameters.
However, to get better performance it is advisable the tune the inlet system to attain a good dialogue between camshafts and electronics. For road camshafts nothing must be replaced.
In case of racing applications, the tuner should evaluate the use of new springs or valves.

How shall your camshafts be fitted?

Colombo & Bariani camshafts can be fitted utilizing exactly the original reference marks. For inlet camshafts with phase variator specific fitting instructions are included in the kit.

How many HP gains in power are achieved by fitting performance camshafts?

It is not possible for our company to state exactly the power increase of an engine, as it can only be evaluated knowing all modifications. The camshaft plays an important role in increasing the performance of an engine and must be picked based upon its technical specifications and other tuning factors of the engine and only the tuner can evaluate the real power increase attainable.